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Fabulous presentation. These webcasts are such a brilliant idea and make continuous learning both accessible and enjoyable. Many thanks again

Excellent presentation. Thank you Dr. Coughlan and Dr. Mc Carthy.

if at all possible I would like to view webinar again

Fantastic overview of very common diagnostic and management dilemna

very interesting but if repeating same would suggest broader focus of sports than just rugby.

Brilliant, very helpful, I work in a rural community with a huge hurling tradition and regularly see both adults and children post injury. I had previously used NHS head injury guidelines to help me assess them, but the webinar gave me an added understanding, especially in terms of collateral history and lasting effects of concussion.

Even if G.P. don’t attend sports meetings we meet sports injuries in our surgeries and on week end duty in our co ops.

Very good webinar Thank you

Thank you

Great to see improving knowledge and guidelines in this area. As a GP, it’s always so difficult especially in the out of hours setting. Good wor.k. Well done

Would appreciate follow up on this topic many thanks

Great topic,great presentation.

Very important topic. Very well presented. We all see sports men and women, great to have good advice to give.

Very important topic. Very well presented. We all see sports men and women, great to have good advice to give.

Very important topic. Very well presented. We all see sports men and women, great to have good advice to give.

Comprehensive presentation. I had been asked by a local rugby club to advise on this issue and had declined. The program has incentivised me to look further at this and related topics and I will certainly reconsider the invitation when I consider myself adequately informed.

excellent presentation. I look after GAA teams and found topic very helpful. it will improve my assessment of head injuries.

Excellent presentation

I feel reassured in a way but not happy with irb protocols george north is a very lucky man

very good presentation

Is presentation available to view again?

excellent presentation and timely with recent TV program

Certainly one has to be more forceful with patients re returning to activities etc


It emphasizes the importance of having somebody with at least good first aid skills at every sporting occasion where there is physical contact and for all age groups

excellent relevant topic to all of us involved in voluntary assistance at sporting events

good one thank you

excellent thank you

Excellent and relevant Topic

I think there should be a short simple check that even a lay person can do as a triage.

Really interesting, thought inspiring talk on a topic I didn’t know much about at all. Useful tools given (eg., SCAT3) to help with detection of concussion. Some really interesting insights/perspectives into the complexity and controversy surrounding prevention/management of concussion. Time for questions at the end was also really useful. It’s always good to hear other peoples questions/have points reiterated

useful topic as not dealt with much elsewhere and also relevant to non- sporting situations



Thank you

Keep up the good work!

I was impressed with the link between the different conditions , and the perception differences in patients

Excellent webinar

Excellent review. Hadn’t been taught on this topic before. Very relevant and reassuring

Thank you for this excellent resource – finding it very useful and looking forward to next topics,

Amazing how processing may occur in the brain. , analogy re hardware and software helpful for patient and doctors understanding Thanks …
Good discussion regarding merits of taking wider pain history and enquiring re visceral symptoms

The example of the patient going through different patterns of pain as an explanation of the different types of pain was very good.

Very informative and relevant to general practice and I hope to be able to join in with more of your webinars. Thanks

I work in acute hospital setting but I’m sure it would be relevant to primary care. Good revision and useful tool suggestion. Thank you ????

Very Relevant Material,Watched while having a beer after 11 hours at the Coalface and the Dog enjoyed it too,Many Thanks

I found the webinar excellent


Thank you


Would like to be able to review webinar again, but not on the same day…hopefully a library will be set up in the furure that attendees can peruse at their leisure.
Well pesented,informative;

Where to start re investigations , but I presume this will be covered later

Dactylitis was new to me !

Clear and concise presentation , could these sessions be accessible as video tutorials at any stage ? It is not always feasible to watch them at the designated times .

Well done …. My 1st one, and will be a frequent flyer from here on in.

Good webinar

Enjoyed immensely correlation of anatomy with underlying pathology we’ll done overall really enjoyable lecture

Very helpful


Thank you

These webinars are great.Much more than sum of their parts. I practice single handed in rural West Waterford. Keep em coming best wishes

Excellent topic and very GP orientated

Excellent presentation

More detailed discussion/description of secondary care treatment aspects that are relevant to those in primary care (problems encountered/side effects/monitoring advice and responsibilities for GP and consultant in this role). Prognosis, natural history and fluctuations in course of disease was not clearly defined. This has a lot of relevance for primary care due to the nature of the continuum of the doctor-patient relationship in this setting.

It was a great overview of psoriasis and I felt I learnt a lot. It was very well presented and organised.

It was really good. Thank you

Most relevant and interesting.

This was an excellent presentation . GREAT CLARITY AND HONESTY .
It shows that doctors in retirement have so much to offer in teaching after a life at the coalface


I like ……. human and philosophical approach , I feel its an art lost in todays teaching , and society in general

Please thank ….. It was a very clear presentation and answered a lot of my questions. I would love a similar session on rashes assoc with SLE/ other conditions; where I feel so woolly. Thanks for organising it

Overall all it was an excellent lecture and extremely relevant to general practice. It was well delivered and also nice and concise.

Excellent talk, thanks to Dr ….


Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Excellent series. Sometimes difficult to be free during lunchtime to watch and the repeated evening session starts very early s often not home in time from work .

We often try to watch together in the practice

Keep going. Great

Very informative and relevant to general practice.

Very informative and has given me more confidence to diagnose and treat Ps.A

The screening tools eg Pest look useful and quick to use in general practice. Long questionnaires or very detailed examination won’t be realistic in the confines of a 10-15 minute consult, but keeping questionnaires means they are more likely to be used.

Saw someone today with umbilical psoriasis!great webinar

Good webinar

Monitoring protocols were very useful

Very good lecture

Thank you very much for the fabulous lectures!!

You are an excellent speaker and makes the topics you talk about so much more understanding and relevant to general practice


Thank you

…..yesterday was excellent

Very good series , no need to interrupt your presentation when questions are submitted,maybe wait until the end

I appreciated the summary re making the diagnosis. I have downloaded the referral form from the Irish Rheumatology Society.
I found your webinar to be most informative, and thank you for putting so much of your time into these webinars.

Great webinars thanks

Extremly grateful for your presentation especially the encouragement for GPs to start patients on DMARD

One of the best lectures that I have attended on Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Very informative talk

Excellent very enlightening talk . many thanks

The presentation was very well suited to the general practitioner

I found the session useful, I was unsure about starting methotrexate in GP but would try it now.


Very easy to listen to good diagrams I particularly like the case presentation style

Excellent explanation of Esthesitis. Schober test demonstated very skilfully.

Last two webinars were very informative; look forward to the next one
Learned a lot from last two webinars; look forward to the next one; thank-you very much

I learned a lot. Thank u ..

Most informative/best presented webinar to date. Thank you!!

I have a greater understanding of back pain generally following the session on Wednesday

Topic was very relevant and useful and I have more insight now into the causation of symptoms in A.S

Useful to have the key physical signs taught eg Schober test, occiput wall distance

Excellent presentation

The more webinars i do the more I learn and doing a second or 3rd webinar on the same topic means I retain more. … a good case for repeating them annually . Thank you !

Excellent series, keep them coming!

Very informative and interesting

Good and Thx

Really love the case histories – much easier to remember. Also simple examination tips v helpful. I will stop doing expensive hlab27’s now!

It was a bit daunting to discuss the topic fully in 1 hour. May be, such topics should be dealt with in two sessions in the future. I am sure we will like that, and then there will be enough time for questions and answers

Really appreciated this webinar. Very relevant and useful practical tips.


Exceptional webinar. Very relevant to our practice. We watch as a group and the format is great and the presentation excellent. Look forward to many more

I have watched 2 webinars now, and both were excellent. I’m sure over the years I have seen many patients with mouth ulcers, alopecia and reassured them as being the ‘worried well’. I know we are thought that one swallow does not make a summer, but those webinars emphazised that we should at least think of conditions like sle, coeliac, bechets ,etc

Revision of constellation of symptoms/signs was useful.
Differential diagnoses would be helpful to keep it primary care focused. Bearing in mind, vast majority of presentations of red eye: heel pain/ swollen joint have common causes!

Mouth ulcers to generate more lateral thinking in future! I would suggest

A lot to pack in at a time, maybe a webinar on each extra skeletal system/specialty is the best option.

One of my favourites, links a lot of the bits and pieces we see in general practice. One to repeat I think, thanks

Please repeat the webinar on which bloods to do/serum tests next year…missed it and think I’m sure be excellent

v enjoyable

Great Webinars, thank you!

Excellent presentation.


Thanks, it was very helpful. Hope to avail of more of the webinars

The overview of the various bloods and indications for using was very useful . Bloods and tools are helpful but it’s also useful to learn of clinical presentations . Your webinars on careful history taking and the Socrates are particularly valuable

Very informative and useful

Very informative I am single handed GP and find it very difficult to attend conferences the webinars are a great benefit to me in practice

Very helpful summary of a confusing topic.

This topic is worth revisiting annually or similar

Excellent webinar had lady in with positive rheumatoid factor but on real symptoms, felt that I could counsel her reasonably compedantly

Very useful thanks

Many thanks for providing these webinars. I have learned from each of them and I hope my patients will benefit.

Very informative

It’s a good reminder to be selective,some of these tests are expensive,and only relevant in the proper clinical settingalways get confused about these more complicated bloods – this has helped me

It was worthwhile. My medical student attachee was very impressed

Very informative talk, thank you.

Enjoyed it …maybe a bit repetitive in places…nonetheless great!


can i say that i am really enjoying these webinars . despite 25 years of being qualified nobody has ever taught this subject witth such clarity .. many of the topics have never been covered and all are extremly relevant to general practice …already this morning i have had a lady present with knee pain whose treatment was influenced by the webinars . i like the way the course is presented without fussiness and familiarity using language we all understand

i have already given the links for the exercises on tennis elbow to patients and they really appreciate it . and would definetly use regularly with your permission .

i love the ability to be able to sit at home and watch without having to drive… it normally would take 3 hours to attend such a meeting and so i havnt been able to attend. it means i get more time with my family.. less pressure to get out of work .. also i am a little OCD! and hate when meetings dont start on time .. the webinars are really great for managing all these problem
i would love if they would continue and that many other areas would be covered .
i really think this is the way to go for education .
Thanks for a super series.
Glad you’re doing a video link for all those exercises , I wouldn’t be able to remember them all . As always the class was succinct and very helpful. Mary Rogan
Thanks for a very informative session again Bobby. It’s really nice to get an update and it will certainly help in the management and differentiation of shoulder problems which present frequently in general practice,
Thanks Bobby i enjoyed the presentation, I find them very good, sometimes the anatomy moves a bit too quickly. content is good and I find it useful in the surgery, shoulder in the other day..great help. thanks.
Thanks for the excellent webinar – I need to improve my pc skills as I should be asking these questions during the presentation.
Excellent series. Pitched at exactly the right level. Thankyou!.
Excellent series ,concise and relevant to gp practice
Many thanks

These series are very informative and beneficial for general practice.

educational material for reference afterward v important, thank you again,

the presentation was excellent

found it very helpful

Anatomical presentation of the joint is very good and helpful.Maybe to consider more pathology and specific signs to each condition that can help us in 10 min consultation.
One thing I learnt that was really useful:

Explanation anatomy very useful to get a good perspective.
Confirmation most back problems self limiting – however know when to refer
Imaging not very useful
Confirmed many expectations

Exercises the patient can do at home

more accurate diagnosis, more confidence in my assessment, less needs for tests and more clinical competence

examination of the sacroiliac joint


Time & patience is generally the best way.

The pathophysiology of sacro-illiitis and the involvement of the L5-S1 facet joint

The images you showed were really useful.

assessment of lateral hip pain

non pharmacologic rx for these conditions.

Exercises and lifestyle modification more beneficial in long term than injection for trochanteric bursitis

I will consider sacroiliitis in the differential diagnosis of the younger patient earlier

Stretches and exercises for trochanteric bursitis. Thank you. My latest patient came back today after 2nd injection and I was able to give him advice

Stretches and exercises for trochanteric bursitis. Thank you. My latest patient came back today after 2nd injection and I was able to give him advice

Knowledge / update on my practical skills

Always find it helpful to give atask for npatient to self help re rehabilitation

exercises and how to instruct patients re same

For trochanteric bursitis-the importance of exercise program.

diagnostic tests that help to understand where we have a problem: in ligaments, in the joints or in the muscles

The exercise videos are really useful

breakdown of lumbar exam and useful exercise tips for pts for troc bursitis

red flags for inflammatory .

Importance of exercise programme post injection for trochanteric bursitis.

Visual resources regarding stretching and strengthening

understanding the anatomy;
the exercises…& the combination of the video presentation and your description of the exercises

understanding the anatomy involved In trochanteric bursitis and the exercises I can suggest

Think anatomical

Evaluating lower back pain

examining patient for evidence of sacro-iliac joint inflammation

Exercises the patient can do at home

After: Multi-Joint Pain Webinar

“I found your talk excellent and very informative.”

“Really enjoyed this format of learning.”

“Very appropriate to General Practice. Easy to follow. Good pace of presentation. Diagrams excellent. Photos excellent. Looking forward to the next webinar.”

“It was very clear and interesting, many thanks”

“The photographs were very clear and gave relevant information, thank you”

“I presume peripheral spondyloarthropathy will raise its ugly head later”

“Bobby an excellent talk kind regards”

“Excellent talk Bobby. Thank you. I really find the webinars very helpful and timing them at lunchtime really suits me”


“This is the first lecture for me I wasn’t aware of the others. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your information with GPs like myself. I do appreciate your kindness and hope to be able to view your other webinars.”

“Thank you. I found it very helpful. I learnt a lot and liked the way it was delivered.”

“Thank you for your webinar – it was very useful”

After: Rheumatoid Arthritis Webinar

“Excellent presentation on RA today – Thank you”

“Thank you very much. The webinar. It is obviously the way forward.”

“Its about time we embraced the technology. I think your efforts here will have a very meaningful effect on many new patients disease morbidity.”

“The next step. I think that would even shorten the suspicion of disease to treatment time further. You had a lot of valuable/practical tips in the webinar I hope that they are included in the course info. Looking forward to the next one. (Marvelous to do this at my desk, no hour drive to an evening meeting)”

“It was very good. The quality of the sound was good, easy to listen to. The content was very practical.”

“Thought presentation was excellent and to the point. looking forward to more of the same.”


  • “Great effort by all concerned. Hope you will update us in the future.”
  • “I can honestly say-that the rheumatology toolbox morning-was superb. I have not enjoyed an educational seminar as much in a long time.I do appreciate that that may reflect prior lack of knowledge in this area-however nonetheless-the topics were to the point/relevant and interesting. I would highly recommend anyone to attend that course should it run again. Also-the speakers were enjoyable-and not only interacted well with us-but with each other. I am now looking for rheumatology everywhere!!-and it has certainly helped me in my referral patterns.”
  • “excellent course, we could use more, especially joint injection techniques for different joints. also more on the DMARDS and initiation of “High-Tech” meds in G.P. practice while waiting for OPD appointments. Maybe some protocols on the progression of medications from the simple and common to the more “High-tech” and complex.”
  • “Excellent course Excellent course notes provided Would greatly appreciate if a brief summary of injection joint technique of knee and shoulder joints could be provdided together with details of lignocaine/steroid injection administered you advise. Thank you.”
  • “Difficult at times to get a word/question in with certain participants using up time in sessions to discuss their own pending patient dilemmas or diverting the course of discussion away from the topic at hand. Found this frustrating but the course very useful and worthwhile especially practical elements.”
  • “Excellent, lots of helpful information. Definitely feel more confident with rheumatology…. Will probably refer for less dexa scans! Having the booklet to bring home was great as well. Would love to do another day if available. Thanks very much.”
  • “This course was very helpful and should be available appox. every two years”
  • “Fantastic course Lots of info++ More clinical workshops/case discussion please next time”
  • “Most enjoyable and excellent review Thank you”


  • Comment 1: Very helpful course. Felt that at the end of it, the consultants would prefer that we recognise/diagnose inflammatory conditions rather than manage and would agree that this is outside the expetise and realm of general practice. But less complex conditions like OA, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia (if you follow the criteria for diagnosis especially) should be managed in GP and do not require referral unless very complicated. Further courses on injecting other areas (not shoulder and knee) would be very helpful ie carpal tunnel, MTPJ’s/Trigger Finger. Fibromyalgia patients are very much under diagnosed in the community and highlighting this condition gives people a term to describe their rainbow of complaints – GPs may also empower the patient to recognise and improve themselves rather than dreading the heartsink.
  • Comment 2: The course was excellent. I intend to carry out an audit of my gout patients for next years CME/CPD clinical audit. I would have liked more injection technique teaching.
  • Comment 3: More time on DEXA results ,how to assess and treat
  • Comment 4: An excellent course that I would go on again within the next 18 months – 2 years. I found the practical session very good (DXA interpretation, shoulder injection, knee injection) Overall it is an extremely worthwhile course and well worth the small amount of time invested
  • Comment 5: Excellent course- well run. I have used course booklet as a quick reference guide in practice