26th August 2015

Why attend the Rheumatology Toolbox Webinars?

In the autumn/winter series there are two tracks, one track includes education with regard to rheumatological features. We all need to regularly review our approach to symptoms.

One track is aimed at helping the practitioner to assess presenting complaints and enquire into other features that might prove diagnostically significant. This is an important aspect of rheumatology because patients don’t present with disease labels, they present with clinical features and complaints. About 70% of the information that is diagnostically significant comes from the history. There is variability as to how patients experience their initial symptoms and how they express them.

The second track in the curriculum concerns specific diseases, particularly the common chronic diseases, those that represent a threat to the patients’ function and future. One can say that in these cases, as with most diseases, early intervention will often make a significant difference to the ultimate outlook.

Primary care physicians need to know the basic tenets of diagnosis of many diseases. In rheumatology as in other disciplines diagnostic criteria and management strategies are regularly reviewed and changed by specialist societies as a result of new insights gained from research. These changes are rarely communicated to primary care physicians. There are no formal channels through which these changes in thinking, this new evidence is communicated. In everyone’s interest these data need to be communicated, the Rheumatology Toolbox in part fulfils in such a function.

The criteria and recommendations developed by various specialist bodies encapsulate key features in diagnosis and management. These have become the “tools” contained in the Rheumatology Toolbox talks.

Why attend a webinar?

Save time and travel (time, cost, carbon footprint). Attend at a convenient location, Should be family-friendly, work-friendly and you can leave if it is not interesting. In the forthcoming program you will be able to watch a repeat of the webinar via recordings.

Disadvantage of attending webinar.

Will not meet colleagues, loose the quiet cocoon of travel time, no free coffee and/or buffet.