What should you know about juvenile arthritis?

We are excited here at “Rheumatology Toolbox”. The next webinar is on “juvenile arthritis”. This is the first time for many years if not ever that a national audience of general practitioners have the opportunity to hear from a paediatric rheumatologist on the subject.
There are patients with juvenile arthritis scattered thinly throughout the country. We have one National Centre staffed by two consultant rheumatologists.  This method of teaching (the webinar), we hope will serve as a model for communication between the central services and users spread throughout the country.
We wish as many primary care physicians and trainees is as possible to attend this webinar. It is important to disseminate information concerning juvenile arthritis among general practitioners  so that our national service can be used to the optimum by and for these patients.
To register for the webinar use the following link:  https://rheumatologytoolbox.com/registration/

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