Features of The Autumn/Winter Programme

2nd September 2015

The Autumn/Winter programme of webinars will start in three weeks time. The rheumatology presentations have been modified. The content has been compressed in order to make way for some innovations.

Paediatric Strand
We have introduced a ‘paediatric strand’ to cover Juvenile Arthritis and Juvenile Inflammatory Bowel Disease. These two subjects areas are related to rheumatology but are best dealt with by paediatric specialists. These diseases are seen infrequently in primary care, nevertheless we provide an opportunity for the specialists to communicate with primary care at a national level. We hope they will talk about the way their diseases might present in the community, what to look out for and when to refer.

We have again included dermatology presentations, which are ever popular, much requested and relevant to any program with rheumatic diseases.

Concussion in sport
Concussion in sport is topical in the medical and lay press. It is important that we all have some knowledge of the issues with regards to recognition, treatment and consequences of concussion in many sports. We need to be informed with regards to the issues involved. No doubt the forthcoming Rugby World Cup will increase attention on concussion, therefore it behoves us to be knowledgeable on the subject.


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